Our network is built around our customers to provide unrivaled broadband and ethernet services, available across the UK and delivered via a number of ‘last mile’ network suppliers. 

From copper landlines to fibre to the home, we interconnect a number of technologies to create our superfast and reliable service. Despite using third-party suppliers to deliver our connections, we’re able to ensure quality of service by connecting our delivery suppliers to our core network, meaning your connection get’s handed over to us earlier and enabling us to give you the service you deserve. 

We’ve designed the core network to be resilient, able to operate as normal under severe conditions with N+1 resiliency architecture. Whether its a major network outage event or a distributed denial of service cyber attack, you can trust  your connection. 

Built into over 20 points of presence across the UK, we’re able to unburden the delivery supplier of your connection and transfer it over to our superfast core network giving you piece of mind that your connection will remain superfast and always available. 

Network Features

Superfast Connectivity
No peak-time slowdowns

Resilient Ring Network
Self-Healing Architecture

Unlimited Usage
No Restrictions

24 Hour Monitoring
Ensuring you stay online

Delivery Suppliers

From copper last mile delivery to full fibre or wireless solutions, bespoke and crafted for your business. We join the best performing solutions and provide you a single service that beats expectations.