Choose full fibre for a faster internet

Designing an internet package that is fit for a king (or queen) is an exhausting task, as we only want the best. The best is full fibre all the way to your doorstep and at the moment, only a fraction of the UK have this type of network available, the majority of the UK is stuck with fibre to the cabinet with copper cabling the rest of the way. 

The copper cabling is disastrous for broadband speeds and over distance, will hamper any chance of ultrafast speeds, let alone superfast. WestWire is here to help! We teaming up with a number of leading network suppliers and investment groups to plan and provide full fibre connections across the South-West and West of England. 

£55 a month

1000Mbps – Unlimited Usage – Free Quotation

What to expect?

– The highest speeds possible in your area
– The highest priority support and aftercare
– The highest quality installation & equipment
– The highest possible satisfaction

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Small Print: £55 a month example price is based on a shared fibre line within an on-net area. Lines outside of this area or dedicated lines will be priced slightly higher. We will provide you a detailed quotation with the highest specification service available in your area, including shared & dedicated leased lines upto 1Gbps. Customer support is handled via a 24 hour, freephone helpdesk with rapid response engineers on stand-by. Terms and conditions apply.


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